Motiva breast implant with Qid chip
For Malaysian women, the idea of breast augmentation surgery was once considered taboo, something to be whispered about behind closed doors. But times are changing, and they are openly accepting the idea of having the power to have the responsibility to be confident with their own skin and with the help of the recent innovation in the cosmetic industry.

Breast augmentation with the use of breast implants is a widely sought-after cosmetic procedure among Malaysian women. It has gained popularity due to its ability to help women achieve their desired breast size and shape. However, with this rise in demand, some women are becoming skeptical about the potential risks and drawbacks associated with the procedure. While breast augmentation can enhance a woman’s appearance and self-confidence, it’s crucial to carefully consider the potential complications that could arise, such as infection, implant rupture, and changes in nipple sensation. Women who are considering breast augmentation in Malaysia should thoroughly research the procedure and consult with a qualified plastic surgeon to discuss their concerns and potential risks.

Despite the challenges and concerns surrounding breast implants, Malaysian women continue to demand this cosmetic procedure as it provides an instant boost to their curves and overall figure. Whether they want to enhance their physical attractiveness,improve their self-confidence, or simply rock their outfits with a more shapely silhouette, breast augmentation is here to stay and promises a bright future. In fact, official reports reveal that over 10,000 such procedures were carried out in Malaysia in 2021 alone. This only proves the enduring popularity and its appeal to them which is all possible with the recent innovation of breast implants.

Aside from the recent innovation in breast implants, another reason why breast augmentation in Malaysia is gaining popularity is due to the fact of its affordable cost and high safety standards. The country has a well-established medical infrastructure and experienced plastic surgeons, making it a go-to destination for women seeking the procedure.

In this article, we will highlight the importance of prioritizing your well-being when considering breast augmentation in Malaysia, and how choosing a reliable implant like RFID-Enabled Implants(Qid) can help you enhance your confidence and provide peace of mind. Additionally, we will discuss the advantages of opting for a quality breast implant.

What are RFID-enabled Implants(Qid)?

Motiva Qid chip function
If you have recently undergone a breast augmentation with Motiva implants, your surgeon should have provided you with a small card known as the Motiva patient card.

This card contains important information about your breast implants, such as the:
● Electronic Serial Number (ESN)
● Serial Number (SN)
● Online validation code (VC)

Your surgeon will give you this card to ensure that you have access to this information in case you need it in the future. However, misplacing something is a common experience, and unfortunately, some patients who have received Motiva implants may face the challenge of losing their Motiva patient card in the days following its receipt.

Motiva has addressed the scenario of patients losing their Motiva patient cards by introducing an innovative feature in their breast implants known as RFID-Enabled Implants(Qid). It’s a tiny microchip that is embedded within each Motiva implant and contains the Motiva patient card’s important information about the implant. With the Qid,patients no l onger need to worry about misplacing their patient card because the information is now stored directly within their implant.

The RFID-enabled Implants(Qid) contains important implant information such as: ● Brand
● Size
● Serial number
● Volume
● Manufacturing date

This feature also has an additional benefit of enhancing patient safety. In case of any issues, such as a recall or complication, the Qid can be easily scanned to access critical information about the implant and ensure that the patient receives the appropriate treatment in the residing countries. The Qid can only be read with a specialized Motiva Qid scanner that is available exclusively to certified Motiva surgeons and clinics.

How Does the Motiva Qid Contribute to Breast Implant Safety?

Motiva Qid improves breast implant safety
Accurate implant identification was crucial for patient safety in the context of breast implants. It ensured that patients received the appropriate care and treatment, and it helped healthcare professionals make informed decisions about their medical management.

With the help of Qid, accurate implant identification may prevent mistakes that could have had serious consequences, giving patients peace of mind that they were in good hands. This, in turn, contributed to greater patient satisfaction, as patients felt confident that their healthcare providers were taking all the necessary steps to ensure their safety and well-being.

Qid is a key safety feature that can help to protect patients. In the event of a product recall, Qid be used to quickly and easily identify and remove affected implants. It also is used to verify implant details during routine follow-up appointments.

The innovative RFID-enabled Implants (Qid) of Motiva stand out as the first implants in the breast implant industry to feature an embedded chip. Additionally, this passive device operates without the need for any batteries or external power sources. It is composed of biocompatible materials that are safe for human use, and it is discreetly embedded in the gel filling of the breast implant.

However, one potential concern for patients with the Qid device is whether it is safe to undergo an MRI scan. Fortunately, the Qid is MRI-safe and certified as “MRI conditional,” meaning that it poses no known hazards during an MRI scan in specific MRI environments with specified conditions of use. Radiologists can benefit from the Qid technology as it allows them to anticipate the presence of an imaging void artifact and adjust their imaging techniques accordingly.

Additionally, patients with Motiva Implants with RFID-enabled Implants(Qid) can be scanned safely with 1.5- and 3-Tesla (T) Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), allowing for the most appropriate medical care to be administered without any compromise to their safety or well-being. So, with the Qid device, radiologists and patients can rest assured that accurate implant identification and safe MRI scans are both possible, providing peace of mind for all involved.

The Role of Technology in Advancing Breast Implant Safety

breast implant safest material
Breast implant surgery has been practiced in Malaysia for over 30 years, initially using silicone rubber implants but later shifting to saline-filled implants for reduced rupture risk. Recent advancements in breast implant technology and safe practices related to breast implant surgery have also improved in Malaysia, with better-trained surgeons, advanced techniques, and equipment leading to significantly decreased complications.

When considering breast augmentation in Malaysia, it’s crucial to choose the right breast implant for your safety and satisfaction. The RFID-enabled Implants(Qid) offers a hassle-free consultation with your surgeon, providing you with all the necessary implant information and ensuring the patient card isn’t misplaced.

Whether you’re a citizen of Malaysia or from another country, opting for a reliable breast implant can provide you with an extraordinary journey towards achieving your desired level of confidence and enhancing your beauty.

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